Scented FireCorn Catching Summer Kokanee

By Duane Inglin | 07/23/2013

For me kokanee fishing is enjoyable because you are constantly busy. Encountering these little critters doesn’t just happen. You need to be on your game adjusting depth and changing gear (dodgers, types of lures, leader lengths, bait). Whether you purchase manufactured lures or enjoy creating your own for kokanee there are many options. You also have many bait options.
Most kokanee anglers have used Pautzke’s Fire Corn. The sweet corn is cooked, scented, colored, comes in eight flavors and has no added chemicals. An arsenal of eight colors is a bonus because color is a stimulating factor in getting them to feed.

As is scent.

What are some of the top scents for kokanee? Shrimp, krill, garlic, anise, crawfish and squid are popular. However, don’t discount manufactured combo scents. One of the hottest and newest scents is tuna/garlic.

I’m not partial to any scent manufacturer. I use many scents on my Fire Corn. Doing so is simple. I’ll take a jar of Fire Corn and dump it into a small container. Then, I add the scent. When it comes to garlic, I like to use either actual minced garlic from the grocery store or some of the manufactured garlic oils. Either way, it’s very strong. When using other scents, either the gel or oil form, I’ll add a teaspoon or two, depending on the potency. With krill scent, I use either the Pautzke Liquid Krill or the Fire Power.
With corn and scent in your container, simply stir lightly until it’s mixed thoroughly. I mix lightly because you don’t want to smash or tear the corn into little pieces. Now either leave it in your container or dump it back into the jar. Make sure you write on your container or jar which scent or scents you’ve added. You always want to know what you are fishing. Then when something works you can stick to that until the bite changes, which happens often with kokanee.
Fire Corn color and scent combos are endless. The next time you head out to your favorite lake or reservoir, do yourself a favor and have at least four or five different color/scent combo’s on hand. I think you’ll be pleased with the results at the end of the day and catch more kokanee.