The One-Two Punch That Every Salmon Angler Should Know

By Mike Bogue | 08/10/2012

Like everyone else, I’m excited about salmon season. To me, salmon season means two things: get the plugs out and have a lot of roe. If you are going to use FireCured roe this salmon season here’s a technique I’d like to share because its going to help you catch more fish. When I’m fishing bait for salmon I always use a double hook set up.

I like it because it gives you an extra hook point; one that’s pointing in the opposite direction. It’s like an insurance hook. And, since I’ve been using it I don’t seem to get less bites.


The double hook set-up used to be legal on the Kenai where I first learned this technique. I like the Corky in the middle because it gives you more buoyancy and different contrast.


While this works for steelhead, too, I mostly apply it to salmon fishing. Here’s what I do:


1. Tie an egg loop on the bottom hook which I use a 1 or 1/0 TroKar Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp Hook.

2. Then, put a size 10 or 12 Corky and slide it down the line.

3. Now its time to slide another hook down the line. Personally, I use a the same hook as the first one. I Then, tie another egg loop with the hook pointing the opposite direction of the 1st one.


That’s it. You are ready to add your FireCured roe to the top hook. Now it’s time to fish!