Have You Fished with the Ultimate Eggs? Try the Kitchen Sink 2.0

By: Big Dave Manners

Crowds can be insane when salmon fishing and it’s only going to get worse. That’s why I go wild when curing eggs and make sure that my cured eggs stand out from the next guy’s. I’m a full time guide and my clients need to catch fish. A few years ago we revealed my Kitchen Sink cure and some anglers were overwhelmed. Get ready because it’s time for the Kitchen Sink 2.0. I’ve raised the stakes and come out with my most successful cure ever.

This cure isn’t for everyone. It’s big time and overwhelming for many. But, for me it’s a producer. For salmon I like to use a fair amount of cure for fall fish. I’m here to catch big salmon and lots of them. And to do that you need to go big and do things that others don’t. If you are fishing next to 10 guys you need an egg the fish are going to want, especially if you are fishing with others and there lots of bait in the system. Salmon respond to this Kitchen Sink cure. They respond to something different. There’s been numerous times when I’ve pulled into a hole where there’s a bunch of people fishing and no one is catching fish. Then I throw these eggs and I catch a fish right away.

Kitchen Sink 2.0 is something different and it works or I wouldn’t do it. For salmon I definitely like hotter eggs, which means more cure, but I also like to add BorX O Fire and many other things and you’re soon to find out why.

Step 1: Load On the Cure

I take the skein and butterfly them. This is the boring part. Then it gets fun. Time for mixing. First I add Fire Cure and BorX O Fire on the skein. I’ll use red for both. When I just use red on red we obviously are getting a red egg, but I want more.

After the red I’ll sprinkle Orange BorX O Fire on top. When you add Orange BorX O Fire to other cures the end result is still predominately red, but it’s a brighter red. This isn’t going to be the same color you’ll get if you just use red. Adding the orange is going to make it pop more. Because we are fishing for salmon these eggs are going to be hot. Adding all this cure makes sure that the cure is going to get into the eggs, and you can bet they are going to be gooey.

Step 2: Burrito Roll

Now loaded with cure, take the skein roll them up like a burrito and put them in a gallon Ziploc (not in a paper towel). Then I let them sit in the fridge like this for at least 24 hours. They’ll milk out and get really gooey – and that’s what we want. It’s normal. Rolling them up ensures that the cure is going to penetrate that egg.


Step 3: Bring the Juice & Power!

Place the eggs in a Ziploc and dump an entire bottle of Red Nectar in it (or even two depending on how large your skeins are). The skein needs to be submerged. For those who aren’t aware Pautzke Nectar is pure egg juice and known for decades for stimulating bites. Then I’ll add a quarter bottle of Red Fire Brine, a healthy squirt of Liquid Krill and three tablespoons of Fire Power. These fish are krill eaters and this soup has it all. I’ll then let the eggs sit in here for 48 hours and you are done.

*Bonus Tip: If you’ve been on my boat you’ve seen sand shrimp. Oftentimes, I’ll drop my excess sand shrimp from the end of the day into the bag and let them sink into the cure. Don’t put them in here unless they are alive. This adds scent to the eggs.

Step 4: Drain It

When we are done we drain the liquid out of the Ziploc. I’ll save it and reuse. As long as it’s refrigerated it’ll last for a while. Next time you cure eggs with Kitchen Sink 2.0 you need to add the cure to your eggs, and likely another bottle of Nectar to your previously stored liquid. You might need to add to it because the eggs are going to soak some of it up, but the liquid is still good.

At this pointy you are ready to fish. Because we are fishing for salmon don’t be afraid to use a big piece of roe. These eggs will be wet, but firm. You can cast them. And they milk like crazy. Most important, the fish love them.


Editor’s Note: Big Dave Manners operates Big Dave’s Fishing. For more info on his guided salmon trips please visit http://bigdavesfishing.com.