By Duane Inglin | 02/21/2012
Traveling the Pacific Northwest sportsman show circuit and performing my bait curing seminars at The Pautzke Bait Lab I’m asked time and time again; why don’t you guys have the Pautzke’s Gel Krill anymore? I miss it, too. Nevertheless, we don’t make it anymore and unless someone can convince owner Casey Kelley to bring it back – it’s gone like my high school days.

Fortunately, though, I’ve racked up a recipe that rivals Gel Krill and might even be a tad better. And, while I’m as much of a bait junkie as anyone, I appreciate a good lure, too. And, I definitely know a good scent when I smell one, which Gel Krill was. Whether it was meant to add an extra punch to a presentation or to merely mask our own scent, it doesn’t matter. The bottom line is us anglers want scent. And, with the number of anglers that asked me about it over the last two months it’s obvious we still want it in a krill paste. Lucky for the non-bait fishing enthusiast I am going to teach you how to make your own.

In line with leaving Gel Krill behind, I call this the “Krill Paste Div