Freezing Spawn Sacks

By Brian Kelly | 02/27/2012

In the Great Lakes tying eggs into spawn sacs is the preferred method when steelhead fishing. Not only does the mesh hold the eggs together for a longer period than the use of cut skein, it also imparts another color dynamic that straight eggs alone can’t match. Pretty much anyone that fishes for steelhead in the Great Lakes knows about spawn sacks, however, there’s still a grey area when it comes to freezing spawn sacks.



(Spawn Sacks Properly Frozen)

This is something I’ve experimented with a ton in the last few years. While there’s many ways to properly freeze them, this method is something that works for me. When treated properly tied spawn sacs with eggs that have been cured in Pautzke BorX O Fire can be frozen and re-used at a later date with dynamic results. This is proof that not all cured eggs are created equal.

This process is easier than one might expect. First, lay the spawn sacs out a paper towel and air dry for 30 to 60 minutes. This will help to discard any unwanted moisture that has built up on the sac. Never freeze moist eggs. You’ll end up with a soggy, unusable mess when they thaw out!


(Air drying spawn sacks to prepare them for the freezing process)

Once the eggs are tacky dry, place them on a baking sheet lined with wax paper. Make sure the sacs are not touching each other as they will stick together during the freezing process. Now that the sacs are laid out place the sheet of sacs in the freezer for approximately one hour. The goal is to get the sacs frozen solid in preparation for the next and final step.


(Spawn Sacks Lined Up For The Freezer)

After the sacs are frozen completely place them in a uniform layer in a plastic vacuum sealable bag and seal it shut. Be sure to mark each bag with the color, egg type and cure used so there is no confusion when it comes time to thaw and use the eggs. If at all possible, be sure to slow thaw the sacs in the fridge overnight and you’ll be armed with bait that fishes as good as freshly cured eggs! It’s this easy!


(Spawn Sacks After Spending An Hour In the Freezer)