By Ted Kessler | 09/26/2014

I’m excited about salmon season. I’m expecting a good one for one main reason: guys didn’t do that well trolling the lake this summer. They didn’t catch a lot of salmon in Lake Ontario this summer, which is going to help us on the Lower Niagara River. There’s going to be more salmon swimming upriver.

So far, even though we are early into the season, the run has been good. It’s been steady and consistent. The way it should be when we have good returns. It started September 18, or so, and it’s been getting better each day. Right now, most of the guides are averaging five to eight fish a day. We’re happy with that.


This is a big fish year. We are getting our average size fish, but we are getting some tanks too. We consider big to be 25 pounds, and up. Fortunately, we are catching a lot of 24-25 pound fish, which is on the large side for us.

I hate to complain about the great weather we’ve been having, but for the sake of salmon fishing, it’s bee