Pautzke Announces Purple Nectar

By Bill Swann | 08/24/2010
As a full time fishing guide and owner of Swanny’s fishing, I spend my life tinkering with products, specifically bait and scent. I’m always trying to come up with the newest, hottest and most innovating formulas that will give my clients an edge over salmon and steelhead. A huge fan of nectar, I’ve been mixing the original colors for a few years now, trying to generate specific colors that aren’t in the mainstream. Purple has been one of my favorites for more than two years now, but it’s been a chore for me to mix several other colors to get the purple I’m looking for. So when Pautzke Director of operations, Chris Shaffer, called me a few days ago and told me they’d perfected purple nectar, I was stoked!

Having used dozens of scents and dyes from several companies, I can’t say enough about Nectar. Not many people know this, but Nectar is a special formula, one no other company can create. All nectar colors are derived from Pautzke’s patented cooking process, of their Balls of Fire Salmon eggs, Man it doesn’t get any better than this! with all the bite stimulants already added to the egg cooking process, it’s a recipe that can’t be outdone. Personally, I believe purple is going to be a valuable component to all anglers in the pacific northwest.

This week, I tested the Purple Nectar on Cured Herring in a 2 quart jar. To do so, I added a cup of Rock Salt, a cup of Raw Sugar, and a whole bottle of well shaken up nectar. I put it in an old blender (not your wife’s). Turn the blender on low for 15min to make sure that all ingredients are dissolved; this will look like a purple smoothie! By taking the extra time to dissolve all the components of the bait you are maximizing its performance.


Prior to using nectar It’s important to start out with good quality baits…. Remember you can’t make bad looking baits look good!


Next put your semi-thawed herring in the jar, heads down. Then, take your brine and pour into the Jar. if you need more liquid in the jar, simply add more nectar. purple_nectar3

Remember that the more nectar you add the more purple it will be! Put the lid on and rotate the jar every 2 hrs to get uniform color on the herring, This Herring Brine will cure your baits in 8hrs.

I love the way this Purple nectar comes out with the 2 tone color and the iridescent colors that make the bait stand out – and scent it at the same time. purple_nectar4

Pictured Above) The end result: good quality Herring soaked in Pautzke’s New purple nectar.

Special tip: When I fish the buoy 10 area, I like very salty baits and as I head up the river I use less salt.

Lets Fish!
Billy “Swanny” Swann