Phenomenal Year for Fishing

By Casey Kelley | 11/16/2011
For more than 75 years my family has taken pride in providing anglers with the highest quality salmon eggs on the planet and while we’ve seen up and down salmon runs in recent years, I’m thrilled to report that this year’s crop of fish was superb! We are in the heart of what we call “Canning Season” in Ellensburg (WA) and Dad Pautzke’s secret recipes are being put to use on some great eggs this year.


I wanted our loyal Pautzke customers to know that this year’s return of salmon was the best in roughly five years. Keep in mind, most of the eggs we process don’t come from the West Coast. It’s a relief to finally see a decent season of fish and eggs, particularly after seeing smaller fish and low numbers the last four years. This year, we are seeing lots of fish coming in and mostly 4-5 year returning fish, which mean big eggs and lots of em! Though numbers are down around the West Coast, our Great lakes and NY fisheries are superb and you’ll see that in the size of the eggs in 2012.


We are projecting a phenomenal year for fishing and we’re able to get our hands on a lot of eggs, which means there won’t be any shortage of Gold Label eggs the next few years. Today alone, we finished up a full day of our Gold Label salmon eggs totaling 2,500 cases. That’s more than 90,000 jars! I wanted to give you guys a behind the scenes look on what Gold Label eggs look like before you see them on the shelves.

Thanks again to our loyal followers,

Casey Kelley
Pautzke Bait Co., Inc.