By: Mike Ainsworth

In town for a skication in the Rockies I took an opportunity to go ice fishing on Colorado’s Stagecoach Reservoir. Stagecoach is a popular and productive destination in the Steamboat Springs area and I’d heard that fishing was good this winter. After spending a few hours on the ice the trip didn’t disappoint. I literally have no idea how many trout we caught, but do know the number was upwards of 50 and we didn’t fish long. Action was non-stop.

In addition to some walleye and pike I was told that browns were available, but rainbows are the dominant cold water species. On this afternoon trip we only caught rainbows. On the other hand, we caught piles of them. The bows were anywhere from 12-20 inches and all the trout were healthy. They aren’t malnourished, that’s for sure. We even caught a number of holdovers, which had stunning color