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14 08, 2017

Learn to Catch More Halibut with Glitter Butt Juice


By: Terry Wiest Much of the West Coast offers quality halibut fishing. Halibut are most commonly targeted while anchored. Last year I blogged about my “Golf Ball Scent Bomb” that crushed halibut. This year on a recent trip to Alaska that same setup produced a 160lb fish and others. Click here if you’d like to [...]

Learn to Catch More Halibut with Glitter Butt Juice2018-04-18T18:57:46-07:00
14 05, 2017

Big D’s Secret Halibut Bait: Brined Rainbow Trout


By: Duane Inglin In Washington the halibut season is short lived and when you have limited opportunities to target them having good bait is a must. There are several rigging presentations and baits that have been standbys for decades. When it comes to bait, you have several options, namely octopus, squid, horse herring, salmon and [...]

Big D’s Secret Halibut Bait: Brined Rainbow Trout2018-04-18T18:58:23-07:00
15 08, 2016

The Guide’s Secret Bait to Catch Big Halibut


By: Rye Phillips My job is to catch clients once in a lifetime halibut. During the summer I’m based in Southeast Alaska and people come from all over the world to experience world-class halibut fishing here in Icy Strait near Gustavus, which is the nearest commercial airport. Our fishery, like those in the Northwest, BC [...]

The Guide’s Secret Bait to Catch Big Halibut2018-04-18T19:00:37-07:00
21 07, 2016

Learn To Make The Scent Bomb That Catches More Halibut


By: Terry Wiest Halibut, lingcod and rockfish rely on their sense of smell to find food. Bait usually provides enough scent to catch them. Meanwhile, adding scent to the bait boosts action. Bottom fishing in Alaska I combined these concepts to create a homemade scent bomb which attracted all these species while we were anchored. [...]

Learn To Make The Scent Bomb That Catches More Halibut2018-04-18T19:00:53-07:00
5 07, 2016

California’s North Coast Halibut Open Now!


By: Gary Blasi Halibut fishing has been good and bad this year so far. When the weather cooperates fishing has been good. However, when it’s breezy like it’s been most of the spring and early summer bites have been tougher to come by. May was productive. On the other hand, June is generally a windy [...]

California’s North Coast Halibut Open Now!2018-04-18T19:01:14-07:00
15 06, 2016

Learn To Make Halibut Bait Like A Pro


By: Gary Blasi When halibut fishing anywhere on the West Coast there’s nothing more important than establishing a strong scent trail. Generally, down 300 feet where we fish it’s dark and the fish can’t see too well, so you want three things: sound, scent and a little bit of sight. For many anglers if you [...]

Learn To Make Halibut Bait Like A Pro2018-04-18T19:01:20-07:00

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