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28 06, 2017

Central Pennsylvania Still Has Trout


By: James Swearingen While fishing pressure has fallen off there’s still plenty of trout to be found in Central Pennsylvania. The good news is there’s fewer anglers out there targeting them. There were deer tracks on the shoreline last week, not boot prints, meaning you’ll be able to get your favorite hole to yourself, which [...]

Central Pennsylvania Still Has Trout2018-04-18T18:58:01-07:00
11 04, 2017

Western PA Trout Opens Saturday


By: James Swearingen I think this year’s trout opener with be on par with the last few years. We just had our mentor youth day and there was a lot of large fish caught. There’s going to be large fish in every stocked creek in Western Pennsylvania. If you want to catch big fish it’s [...]

Western PA Trout Opens Saturday2018-04-18T18:58:47-07:00
2 02, 2017

Bundle Up for Erie Winter Steelhead


By: James Swearingen It’s been a warm winter in Steelhead Alley. Instead of lots of snow, we’ve had a lot more rain this year than previous years. We’ve had 10-12 blowouts and we usually have far fewer. The precipitation raised water levels, has brought in more fish and its drawn the steelhead further into the [...]

Bundle Up for Erie Winter Steelhead2018-04-18T18:59:15-07:00
1 03, 2016

PA Steelheaders Working Harder For Fish


By: James Swearingen I’ve spent more than two decades steelhead fishing the tributaries of Lake Erie for steelhead and I can honestly say this has been the most unique year ever. Some days we drive up and fish and put up decent numbers. Other days we struggle to catch one or two fish. We’ve had [...]

PA Steelheaders Working Harder For Fish2018-04-18T19:02:28-07:00
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