By: Terry J. Wiest

Who doesn’t remember growing up as a young kid getting all excited to go trout fishing? For those that missed this opportunity I feel bad. It should be the first experience most of us get at how wonderful fishing can be. Trout fishing created a tight bond between my dad and I. I’m glad I got to share it with him until he passed.

Alongside us on all those trout fishing trips was Pautzke. Balls O’ Fire was the only eggs that consistently produced and the one thing my dad said we always need to have in our tackle box. We always had tremendous success with Pautzke eggs, even while we watched other’s struggle. In fact, while catching limits of trout other anglers asked what our secret was. There was no secret. Success came simply by using Pautzke’s Balls O’ Fire.

However, as society has changed, trout fishing has, too. New products have been introduced since I was a kid more than four decades ago. I still use Balls O Fire salmon eggs and think about my dad every time I fish with them. Meanwhile, I carry new methods with me, and not so surprising those baits are also made by Pautzke. Coincidence? Nope. It’s called years of research, innovation and keeping on top of the game. This is something the Pautzke family has done since 1934.

Trout openers are firing off out West this weekend and I’ll have my Pautzke with me like hundreds of thousands of other anglers. Let’s talk about how easy it us to be successful with it. These techniques work anywhere trout are found.

Off the bottom:

Dad and I started a tradition catching trout together with Pautzke eggs more than 40 years ago. It still out-fishes most techniques today. The idea is to offer two presentations on the same line.

Here’s what to do:

  • Tie the main line to a three-way swivel.
  • On the end of an open eye of the swivel tie a 10-16 inch leader. Then tie on a hook of your choice.
  • On the end of the other open eye of the swivel tie a 20-24 inch leader. Then tie on a hook of your choice.
  • Pinch a split shot or two above the swivel. You’ll want a split shot with just enough weight to cast the bait out to where you want it.
  • On each hook put a different offering so the trout have a choice.
  • Now you’ll have presentations at two different heights off the bottom.

Many baits can be used on the above mentioned hooks. My favorite was a cheese marshmallow with Pautzke’s Balls O’ Fire egg on one and a garlic marshmallow and different Ball’s O’ Fire on the other. Deadly and simple! Meanwhile, in this new day and age I’ve jumped on board with the new products that I put on that hook. My favorite now is Feed Pellet Brown Fire Bait with a Red Fire Ball on the longer of the two leaders and Peach Garlic Fire Bait and a Red Fire Ball on the shorter. However, Garlic Wildfire Fire Bait with a Gold Garlic Fire Ball and Rainbow Fire Bait with about any Fire Ball work well, too.