By: Andy Couch

Mark the date — the Susitna River drainage north of Anchorage, Alaska opens to bait and scent fishing on Friday July 14, 2017.  Because of low king salmon numbers the entire Susitna River drainage was closed to king salmon fishing on July 3, and bait fishing had been restricted in the Deshka River (a Susitna River tributary) starting June 23. Those emergency regulations run through July 13. The next day (July 14) management of the Susitna River drainage switches primarily from king salmon management to management for the other four species of Pacific salmon migrating up the river.

By July 14 pink and chum salmon should be available in greatest numbers with some early arriving silver (coho) salmon and sockeye salmon as well. While all four of these species can be taken at times on bait, early arriving coho salmon and chum salmon seem to have the greatest love for bait/scent. Since bait /scent fishing will have been closed throughout the entire