After a productive trip to the Clearwater River my old saying “Fish Till It Hurts!” immediately came to mind. It was the kind of fishing experience that literally left the clients shaking their worn out arms to try and relive the pain from the hardcore, daylong batting of Clearwater B Run steelhead. The month of December has definitely been up and down for fishing on the Clearwater, but this day was different.

It started in the morning with a hook up coming on the first, second and third casts! It didn’t take long to realize this day was going to be special. It wasn’t going to be a matter of how many steelhead we could find, rather how many Clearwater Killer B’s could we get to the boat. We were on a huge number of fish and it was time to go to battle!
I’ve always been a fan of ultra-light tackle for steelhead and it sure can make a five-pound A-Run steelhead feel like the king of the river, especially in fast current. However, ultra-