Pautzke Salmon Egg Production Ramping Up

By: Casey Kelley

It’s been a busy week at Pautzke. In the last two days we’ve produced more than 175,000 jars of Green Label and Premium salmon eggs. This is on the heels of more than 300,000 jars of various Pautzke salmon eggs already produced in the last two months. We’re off to a great year. Now that the weather has improved we’re excited to hear than anglers are out trout fishing in large numbers.

As all of you know we ran out of these eggs eggs last year. This was due to record sales and a major multi year salmon egg shortage. Keep in mind all these eggs come from real salmon. They are not imitation eggs. They are not plastics. Ultimately, we are at the mercy of the returns of salmon each fall. As salmon returns decrease it has become harder to produce the amount of quality eggs we want to.

Fortunately, this year we got a few more eggs than last year, but we aren’t out of the woods yet. Just like you, we hope that the returns of salmon over the next few years rebound and we are able to gather more eggs to put up for our customers. The one thing I want to let you know is that we refuse to cut corners. It’s important for us to maintain the best quality salmon eggs in the world. If the eggs aren’t large and mature enough we refuse to process them. We’ve always preached that to end with a good egg you have to start with a good egg.

As you guys have seen in the last two years we’ve added a few new eggs to eggs to our lineup. The Pink Shrimp, Chartreuse Garlic and Natural Deluxe have been big hits across the US, and we’re now staring to see our neighbors up north gobble them up, too. I believe these are going to become staples with anglers across North America. To make these eggs we continue to use the same trade secret process that my family has since 1934. I think Dad Pautzke would be proud of the diversification of our line and how incredible these eggs look and fish.

I want to thank you all for continuing to support us over the years and look forward to providing anglers with the best salmon eggs on the market. On a bright note all US and Canadian retailers are stocking brand new eggs this spring. We encourage you to get out there, wet a line, take a kid and a friend outdoors and do what every other trout angler has been doing for more than 80 years –catch trout with our Balls O Fire salmon eggs.

Editor’s Note: Casey Kelley is the owner of Pautzke Bait. He resides in Ellensburg, Washington. For more information on Pautzke please visit