By: Kyle Deavers

This season has been a welcome sight to salmon anglers in Wisconsin. For the first time in many years we are catching large numbers of Chinook and they are much bigger than we’ve been seeing in previous years. This is the best bite we’ve had since 2010 and provides hope that our fishery is turning around.

I attribute the turnaround to a thriving population of alewives. We are finally seeing many year classes of salmon and alewives, which bring hope that the future is promising. We’ve seen massive schools of bait all season and the fish that we’ve caught have been choked with bait. The average Chinook has run 17 pounds and we’ve caught them up to 27 pounds. This means we’ll see plenty of salmon greater than 30 pounds this season. There’s a chance at catching a 40 pounder. There’s another month of the growing season for them.