Balls o' fire trout eggsNatural Trout Eggs

Why do the premiums look so good?

The Premium Eggs look fabulous because we have hand picked and cleaned them. We’ve spent more time ensuring the cleanest, most uniform eggs. This is also why they are more expensive. They are the best of the Trout Eggs.

(See below)

Premium Trout Eggs

Why are there white shells in the jar?

This is because they are natural eggs. Some of the eggs do pop because they are very fragile, just like all real trout eggs.

(Below shows the Natural Trout Eggs.)

Natural Trout Eggs

Since word was leaked of Pautzke’s new Trout Eggs a few weeks ago we have received hundreds of messages on Facebook and Instagram, phone calls and emails with excellent questions regarding the new Premium & Natural Trout Eggs. We’ve rounded up the most common questions and brought in Pautzke Owner Casey Kelley for clarity.

Are the Premium & Natural Trout Eggs real eggs?

Yes. They are 100 percent real and natural eggs. They are real trout eggs. They look, taste, smell and fish like a real egg because they are real.

What’s the difference between the two eggs?

Just like our Green Label and Premium Balls O Fire salmon eggs, the Premium Trout Eggs are hand-selected, top-notch and the best of the best. We have spent more time preparing the Premium Trout Eggs as we try to create the perfect looking product.

Natural Trout Eggs are just as effective, but we haven’t spent as much time cleaning them up, enhancing them and working with them in our factory. The best thing about the Natural Trout Eggs is they are real trout eggs just like the Premium, but their lighter color allows for more color manipulation if you choose to cure and dye these eggs.

How do I store Trout Eggs? Do they need to be refrigerated?

Trout Eggs can last a year without refrigeration, if unopened. They are best stored at room temperature. Please keep them out of direct sunlight and heat. It’s best to refrigerate after opening.

Trout Eggs in Bait SackThis is a great question. We sent samples out to a small group of our pros two weeks ago. One of them, Andy Bliss of Chasin Tail Adventures in New York told me he made 125 small/medium size sacks from the jar. The number depends on the size of the sack you are fishing with.

These eggs aren’t meant to be pierced on a hook because they haven’t been cured. If placed on a hook they will pop. They are intended to be used in spawn sacks and will work best when tied in Atlas Mike’s Spawn Netting and secured with Magic Thread.

Yes, of course. Because they are natural eggs and we have enhanced them with special Pautzke preserves and milking ingredients they milk very well. The Natural Trout Eggs will milk more than the Premium Trout Eggs. This is because they are much more fragile and when an egg pops all it does is milk. The Premium have a tougher shell and will milk, but it may not be as visible as the Naturals.

No. They are simply preserved for the purpose of not having to refrigerate. 

They feel and smell like real eggs because they are real.

Both the Natural and Premium Trout Eggs are eight ounces.

Do I have to cure these eggs?

You do not have to, but you are more them welcome to use BorX O Fire, Fire Cure or Atlas Mike’s Shake N’ Cure. Curing them will allow the egg to maintain its profile longer, add color, enhance the milking ability and improve the longevity of the egg.

Can I freeze Trout Eggs?

We don’t recommend freezing them. We do recommend you refrigerate them after opening. Another recommendation would be to simply tie your spawn sacks first and place them back into the liquid that’s in the jar. This will ensure freshness and maintain the egg’s milking ability.

Where can I buy them?

Any tackle shop in the US and Canada can get these eggs for you. Trout Eggs are now available to the public. We hope to have them available in every Great Lakes store and some in the West soon. However, currently only FishUSA and Fat Nancy’s have them now. All Seasons in New York will have them next week as well as Middle Mountain Sporting Goods in West Virginia. Lake Michigan Angler in Illinois will have them next week. If you live in Ontario most tackle shops will have them in stock late next week, and others can order them ASAP from their local distributor.

Is there an endless supply of Trout Eggs?

Definitely not. We will run out of the Trout Eggs every year. They are first come, first served. When we run out we run out until we get more.

Where do Trout Eggs come from?

Trout Eggs do not come from wild or stocked waters.

Have these eggs been tested by pros?

Yes. We sent them a few weeks ago to several of our Great Lakes pros. Kyle Deavers of Big Boy Fishing, Mike Wickkiser in Pennsylvania, Andy Bliss of Chasin Tail Adventures, Todd Hatfield of Trail Creek Guide Service, James Swearingen of Steel City Anglers and Jarett Carlson (Illinois) tested them thoroughly against fresh trout eggs and BorX O Fire cured eggs.

Here are their comments.

“They smell like a real egg because they are real eggs. These are no different than if I were to milk them out of fish. To be honest I was surprised with how many brown trout I caught on them.”

Kyle Deavers of Big Boy Fishing

“I’m not going to have to worry about finding bait for sacks again. These eggs fish like eggs we used to get from the fish.”

Andy Bliss of Chasin Tail Adventures

“Pautzke’s new Trout Eggs look and smell fantastic. I tested them and they produced as well as my homemade batches. The quality of these eggs allows me to fish them with confidence. Even better, I don’t have to go through the hassle of harvesting as many fish.”

Jarett Carlson, Illinois

There’s no difference between these Trout Eggs and trout eggs I used to get when I was in New York. They look and smell exactly like the eggs I was getting from the salmon, steelhead and trout I caught in New York. They are the real deal.

Mike Wickkiser, Pennsylvania

There is a certain feel and smell to eggs that you just know will catch fish, and these eggs have it. When testing these Trout Eggs out we were fishing for highly pressured steelhead. These fish only eat quality eggs and we caught fish on the Trout Eggs. That tells you what you need to know.

Todd Hatfield, Trail Creek Guide Service

I fished the Natural Trout Eggs this week and while I’ve heard some anglers complain that they don’t look as good as the Premium Trout Eggs – the fish sure didn’t mind. I caught all my trout on the Naturals.

James Swearingen of Steel City Anglers