I look forward to fall in the Pacific Northwest every year. Cool mornings, Seahawks football and leaves changing color coincide with the rivers filling with salmon.

As Chinook and coho migrate from the Pacific Ocean into Grays Harbor and up into the Chehalis River and tributaries opportunities are numerous. The biggest challenge is knowing where to be and when. The second is understanding the regulations, which change with each branch and tributary. This season we have a fantastic opportunity for Chinook retention in some of our rivers. However, in Grays Harbor and the Chehalis River only coho can be kept. Coho fishing can be lights out. The preseason forecast is for high numbers once again and with quality bait you’ll have no problem catching them.

I’m a bait thug. When I pursue salmon in the fall I fish bait in one form or another. In river fisheries, primarily tributaries, its