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28 08, 2018

Stampede Kicking Out Big California Kokanee


By: Chris Shaffer Stampede Reservoir is one of California’s most consistent kokanee fisheries every year. On the other hand, it hasn’t had large kokanee for three years. Fortunately, this year the kokanee are larger than they’ve been in previous years. It’s just a cycle and this summer has been on the upswing. Fishing has been [...]

Stampede Kicking Out Big California Kokanee2018-08-28T18:50:27-07:00
24 07, 2018

Impressive Kokanee Bite at Bullards Bar


By: Troy Barr For many years Bullards Bar had some of the smallest kokanee in California. This was because of the large, naturally spawning population. There were too many kokanee in the reservoir and they were competing for the same food source. Fortunately, the fishery has improved in recent years. Bullards is a place to [...]

Impressive Kokanee Bite at Bullards Bar2018-07-24T20:06:05-07:00
21 03, 2018

Lake Chelan Early Spring Kokanee Update


  By: Brad Wagner A milder than average winter and spring like conditions in North Central Washington are paving the way for good kokanee fishing on Lake Chelan. Even when rivers in Western Washington are blown out conditions remain consistent for trollers vying to catch kokanee up here. This season has been good to us. [...]

Lake Chelan Early Spring Kokanee Update2018-04-18T18:56:20-07:00
24 08, 2017

Union Valley Reservoir Kicking Out Quality Kokanee


By: Troy Barr Union Valley’s kokanee fishing has been incredible summer. It’s a long ways for me to drive, but with the quality of fish this high mountain lake has been producing it’s been worth it. I wish it were closer because many of us Northern California kokanee anglers would be there all the time [...]

Union Valley Reservoir Kicking Out Quality Kokanee2018-04-18T18:57:40-07:00
26 04, 2017

Berryessa Trout Fishing Set to Bust Loose


By: Troy Barr Berryessa is full right now. It’s been spilling for more than 50 days. This hasn’t happened in a decade. We are excited. You’re going to be able to fish places we haven’t fished in 10 years. There are old humps, canyons and canals where we haven’t had any water in ages. Now [...]

Berryessa Trout Fishing Set to Bust Loose2018-04-18T18:58:32-07:00
23 04, 2017

Lake Chelan Kokanee In Full Swing


By: Brad Wagner As our cold, snowy North Central Washington winter fades to a blustery spring Lake Chelan’s kokanee fishery is heating up as fast as the air. While we have been making the cold, long boat ride up lake the fish are starting their annual migration down lake to follow the food. Fortunately, those [...]

Lake Chelan Kokanee In Full Swing2018-04-18T18:58:39-07:00
23 01, 2017

Montana’s Georgetown Lake Kicking Out Nice Bows


By: Chris Shaffer To say it was cold at Montana’s Georgetown Lake would be an understatement. When we arrived on a few feet of ice mid-morning the temperature rang in at -18. As cold as it was there was no wind. It wasn’t that bad, particularly considering we had no shanty and no portable heat. [...]

Montana’s Georgetown Lake Kicking Out Nice Bows2018-04-18T18:59:17-07:00
19 06, 2016

Washington’s Roosevelt Lake Kicking Out Monster Kokanee


By: Big Duane Inglin There’s many hot kokanee bites in Washington. However, no reservoir can rival the size and quality of kokes being caught in Lake Roosevelt. It’s become the go-to place in the Northwest for trophy kokanee. Normally, anglers target them in the winter, but spring and summer can be productive, too. And, it [...]

Washington’s Roosevelt Lake Kicking Out Monster Kokanee2018-04-18T19:01:19-07:00
6 06, 2016

Chelan Still Kicking Out Limits of Tasty Kokanee


By: Anton Jones Lake Chelan Kokanee have been numerous with jumbo fish to 16 inches in 2016. After banner years from 2012 thru 2015, they are the talk of Northwest anglers. With liberal limits that allow anglers to bring home tasty fish the lake's kokanee fishery is becoming more popular each year. Kokanee are dwarfed [...]

Chelan Still Kicking Out Limits of Tasty Kokanee2018-04-18T19:01:29-07:00
23 03, 2016

Learn To Super Charge Corn & Catch More Kokanee


By: Sam Baird The beginning of spring tends to mark the start of kokanee season in the Northwest and California. This is a time to organize and restock our lures and dodgers. Kokanee anglers are gear junkies. We have an unlimited combination of squid, flies, spoons, blades and spinners along with every shape of dodger [...]

Learn To Super Charge Corn & Catch More Kokanee2018-04-18T19:02:11-07:00
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