1 04, 2017

Big Splake Still Showing in Northern Ontario


By: Chris Shaffer I’d never been splake fishing. Coming from The States, splake aren’t one of the more heavily stocked species. Meanwhile, I’d always wanted to experience quality splake fishing and was fortunate to meet Rich Brochu, a Northern Ontario native who’s become a friend of the Pautzke family in recent years. Brochu offered to [...]

Big Splake Still Showing in Northern Ontario2018-04-18T18:58:50-07:00
31 03, 2017

GTA Seeing Early Spring Steelhead Action


By: Bojan Zivkovic During the past couple months we’ve experienced dramatic weather changes in Southwestern Ontario. Temperatures have been inconsistent. We've seen 30-degree differences in two days. These abnormal temperature swings have affected plants, wildlife and trout/steelhead. For example, a month ago mild temperatures drew steelhead into our rivers. Meanwhile, the systems were quick to [...]

GTA Seeing Early Spring Steelhead Action2018-04-18T18:58:51-07:00
30 03, 2017

Last Chance for Pike in Northern Ontario


By: Chris Shaffer Northern Ontario is littered with some of the best fishing in North America. With that in mind it didn’t take much convincing for us to fly north and spend a three-day weekend targeting burbot, brook trout and splake in hopes of filming Pautzke Outdoors. With good weather on hand doing so wasn’t [...]

Last Chance for Pike in Northern Ontario2018-04-18T18:58:52-07:00
12 02, 2017

Fire Dye Suckers – Boosting Action on Ontario Ice


By: Tom Armstrong After being introduced to Pautzke's Fire Dye last winter when brook trout fishing, (https://youtu.be/XSt7YeHxFjY) it’s become something I use every time I’m on the ice. Most recently we used it in Northern Ontario for walleye and burbot. It’s a cool product that adds intense colour to your bait, increasing the baits reflective [...]

Fire Dye Suckers – Boosting Action on Ontario Ice2019-10-31T08:53:17-07:00