14 01, 2020

Chetco River Steelhead Outlook


By Andy Martin Judging by the first few weeks of the 2020 steelhead season on the Chetco River, anglers may have to deal with high water conditions. The year is off to a wet and stormy start. In between rainy weather, steelhead fishing has been good. Hatchery fish are showing up and plenty of wild [...]

Chetco River Steelhead Outlook2020-01-14T18:37:47-08:00
6 07, 2016

Four Hot Bait Trolling Rigs For Ocean Salmon Fishing


By Andy Martin You can have the freshest bait, the sharpest hooks, the most expensive rods and the fastest boat. But if you can't get your anchovy or herring to spin properly, odds are you will come back to the dock with an empty fish box. Perhaps the biggest key to ocean salmon fishing is [...]

Four Hot Bait Trolling Rigs For Ocean Salmon Fishing2019-10-31T08:52:45-07:00
9 03, 2016

March Un(Madness) on Oregon’s Chetco


By Andy Martin It was my first year guiding full time on Oregon's Chetco River, and Easter Weekend took place in late March. Just a month before, dozens of boats crowded the lower river, as steelhead season was at its peak. On this day, there wasn't a boat in sight. It was sunny, warm, and [...]

March Un(Madness) on Oregon’s Chetco2019-10-31T08:52:34-07:00
9 12, 2015

Learn To Plunk – From A Drift Boat


By Andy Martin As the Pacific Northwest gets pounded by back-to-back-to-back storms, and nearly every river from Southern Oregon to the Olympic Peninsula is blown out, anglers are anxious to get back on the water and begin fishing for winter steelhead. Even when the rains finally stop, many rivers will still be too high for [...]

Learn To Plunk – From A Drift Boat2019-10-31T08:52:29-07:00
23 10, 2015

Peak Season on the Chetco: Home of Oregon’s Largest Salmon


By Andy Martin Tales of giant kings have long made Southern Oregon's Chetco River a favorite of fall salmon anglers. Few rivers match the scenery, and quality of fish, found on the Chetco. Fish over 50 pounds are caught each year, although the vast majority of the salmon run 20 to 25 pounds. Fish over [...]

Peak Season on the Chetco: Home of Oregon’s Largest Salmon2019-10-31T08:52:26-07:00