By Terry J. Wiest

When it comes to egg fishing in rivers for fall salmon is there anything better than good, milking eggs and a series of plump, juicy eggs sitting clustered together on your hook? Particularly speaking, I like to see a gentle stream of goo released from each egg not only giving off a cloud that’s easy to spot, but also releasing the scent that these fish can detect from many feet away as the eggs bounce downstream.

What is this goo/liquid? Something I’ve been using for decades: Pautzke Red Nectar. Nectar is my magic potion that kicks a fish’s territorial instincts into gear as they engulf the gooey clusters.


Pautzke Nectar is made from 100% real egg goo. It’s the same exact egg/goo runoff that comes from the award winning Balls of Fire salmon eggs. This stuff turns to a cloud of super potent, fish attracting scent that will enhance any offering and is invaluable to salmon, trout and steelhead anglers. While there are an endless number of uses for it here’s ways I’ve used it over the years.

Good Eggs – Dip your eggs in some Nectar every few casts when drift fishing or side drifting. When back bouncing soak the eggs before putting your bait out. The longer you soak your eggs the more the Nectar will be absorbed and the slower it milks out. Now you have the original eggs milking plus the added attraction of the Nectar. How could you go wrong?


Tough Eggs – Same as above, but dip your eggs before each and every cast. If the eggs aren’t milking on their own they’ll need the Nectar to produce a scent trail for them. I also add yarn to eggs that don’t milk on their own as the Nectar will get soaked up in the yarn and last longer, creating an even greater cloud and scent trail.


Artificial Eggs – Soak the heck out of them, even starting the night before. If all you have is artificial eggs put some Nectar into a large Ziploc with the artificial eggs.

No Eggs – Switch to Shrimp. Ever seen an egg and shrimp cocktail? Well, here you have it without the eggs. Especially salmon love this combo. It won’t hurt to have the yarn on here, either.

Flies/Yarn – Soak in before every cast. I do.


It never hurts for your eggs to milk too much unless they fall off. Pautzke Nectar allows for milking capabilities and the best milking eggs you’ve ever produced, without having to constantly change your bait. For this reason I like to make my eggs a bit firmer. The longer I can fish my eggs and have them milk out the greater chance I have of hooking up and so will you.


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