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Try This Simple Cure To Get Great Eggs

By: Mike Ainsworth Fall is upon us and that means it’s time to start curing eggs for fall salmon and winter steelhead. While many factors lead to having quality eggs I believe anglers would have better eggs if they didn’t overlook the crucial care of eggs leading up to the curing process. To achieve a great cured […]

Have You Fished with the Ultimate Eggs? Try the Kitchen Sink 2.0

By: Big Dave Manners Crowds can be insane when salmon fishing and it’s only going to get worse. That’s why I go wild when curing eggs and make sure that my cured eggs stand out from the next guy’s. I’m a full time guide and my clients need to catch fish. A few years ago […]

The Cure for Pinks

By: Todd Daniels Western Washington’s pink salmon run came in much higher than forecasted and it’s not over yet. Anglers starting catching pinks in the salt in late July. Although pinks are still being caught in the salt the bite shifted to the rivers in August. Meanwhile, we are nearing the tail end of the […]

A Beginners Guide to Curing Eggs for Great Lakes Salmon

By: Kyle Deavers Salmon season has begun in the Great Lakes and fish are already keying in on cured skein. Having good cured eggs is one of the main factors in catching salmon. There’s no better bait for salmon in the Great Lakes than cured eggs. Many anglers do find success casting crankbaits and spoons, […]

Drano Lake Salmon Update

By: Toby Wyatt Drano Lake was expected to have a down run this year and it’s been slower than normal. However, we are catching salmon daily. We aren’t setting any records, but we knew this was how it was going to be. The unfortunate truth is we don’t have a lot of options in Washington. […]

Pro Reveals How to Get Perfectly Colored Skein

By: Kyle Deavers Most people know for the last several years I’ve been mixing BorX O Fire and Fire Cure to achieve the perfect egg for floating fishing for salmon. I still use that cure daily. However, toward the end of last season I started to use BorX O Fire and Fire Dye on my […]

Learn to Make The Perfect Side Drifting Egg

By: Jason Thatcher Not every curing method is the right one for every fishing application. This holds especially true when pursuing king salmon in-river. Is a hover-fishing bait or tidewater bobber bait ideal for side drifting and boondogging or vice versa? No, not really. To maximize bait’s effectiveness successful anglers tailor their bait to a […]

This Salmon Egg Cure Is Easy as 1, 2, 3

By: Mike Ainsworth It’s fall again and that means egg fishing and curing time. While there are many complex cures that do work here is a simple, yet effective way to cure eggs to target kings, coho or steelhead. Even though this cure is simple it catches fish and can be used by veteran and […]

Learn to Make Durable Bait: For Bobber & Egg Fishing

By: Big Duane Inglin It’s salmon season on the West Coast and many anglers will be using a bobber and eggs to catch fish. Properly cured and well-scented eggs can entice even the most finicky of biters. In this blog I’m going to focus on how to cure the perfect piece of roe for bobber […]

Great Lakes Anglers: Try This Salmon Egg Cure

By: Kyle Deavers Great Lakes salmon anglers who don’t believe color matters when curing eggs are wrong. Color does matter. Early in the year more natural colors are effective. However, as the season progresses getting a salmon’s attention are critical to seeing your bobber go down. This is when having better colored skein comes in […]