By: Bojan Zivkovic

“Bojangles. How do you get your roe to look so good?”

That is a question I get quite often from my friends and anglers on the water, especially after one has seen my freshly cured batch of eggs whether it is trout or salmon eggs. Vibrant, soft, tacky, and plump is a way I like to describe a perfectly cured batch of eggs. I can honestly say the eggs I cure using Pautzke’s Fire Cure turn out to be the perfect ‘textbook’ batch of eggs, every single time. It’s not rocket science! The curing is a very simple process, which any novice or experienced salmon or trout angler can accomplish within minutes.

First and foremost, to have that perfectly cured batch of eggs, you must have freshly harvested eggs. Frozen roe will not cure well although it rejuvenates well with Pautzke’s Nectar, so it is very important to start with fresh eggs. Any harvested fish should be bled out immediately unless your fish is kept alive throughout your day on the water. Blood can quickly spoil your eggs quickly, especially if you keep your eggs in the fridge for a couple days prior to the curing process.

Once you have your fresh eggs ready for the curing process, I recommend scraping your salmon or steelhead eggs off the skein (membrane) with a spoon if the eggs happen to be premature. Although skein can be too messy to work with for some anglers, scraped eggs carry more scent and milk better compared to mature (loose) eggs.