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28 07, 2015

Catching Niagara Lake Trout From The Bank


By: Bojangles Many die-hard river anglers already know that the Niagara River boasts an amazing fishery for both warm and cold water species within an hour’s drive from the GTA. Between king salmon, brown trout, steelhead and lake trout, these species can be targeted nine months a year. In fact, after the long winters we’ve [...]

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9 07, 2015

Try Something New: Spawn Sacks For Trout


By: Bojan Zivkovic Traditionally, Pautzke salmon eggs are baited straight onto a hook and ready to fish instantaneously. The jarred eggs have been cooked and cured to perfection, making them stay on the hook for a good amount of casts until you have to re-bait again. However, sometimes I notice the eggs can come off [...]

Try Something New: Spawn Sacks For Trout2018-04-18T19:04:35-07:00
7 07, 2015

Learn To Make Spawn Sacks With Dough Bait


By: Bojangles Pautzke’s Fire Bait is effective, simple to use and a proven trout-catcher in Canada and the United States. The dough bait floats, has vibrant colors, a strong trout-attracting scent and is designed to keep your bait floating off bottom at your desired depth in the water column. This makes it the perfect bait [...]

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