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Learn About Top Baits For August Great Lakes Salmon

By: Kyle McClelland When we first started trolling for salmon in the big lake in May, June and July we ran mostly spoons and flasher flies. However, as the mature kings start to stage in front of their home rivers it’s time to switch to a more aggressive presentation of meat rigs, plugs and big […]

The Instant Bait Dye System for Great Lakes Trolling

By: Kyle McClelland For several days straight we’ve been running doubles on Lake Michigan for salmon. As expected the bait bite has taken off like it always does in late summer. We always bring plenty of brined bait with us. However, lately on some trips we’ve run out of bait and haven’t had time to […]

Learn To Cure Loose Single Eggs: To Be Tied in Egg Sacks

By: Joey Usher I’ve been getting flooded with questions recently on how to cure loose single eggs for Great Lakes trout and steelhead. These are eggs that we use in eggs sacks, exclusively, not those that we’re going to place on a hook. If I want to use an egg on the hook I’ll use […]

Learn to Mix Cures For Great Lakes Salmon Success

By: Kevin Davis Four years ago maybe a few bank anglers were using skein. Now there’s 100 people on the wall I drift past every day using it. Everybody realizes that the salmon do bite skein and you don’t have to try and snag them to catch them. However, us guides revealing our egg curing […]

Southeast Wisconsin Harbors Finally Showing Good Numbers of Salmon

By: Kyle Deavers Yesterday we got more than two inches of rain in Southeast Wisconsin and it did a few things. The influx of water triggered many of the salmon that were in our harbors to migrate upriver. It also drew fresh fish into our rivers and harbors and we’re hoping there’s more to follow. […]

Learn the Simplest Great Lakes Salmon Cure

By: Kyle Deavers We’re on the verge of egg curing season in the Great Lakes. In many areas it’s already started. However, it’s amazing to me how many people still used homemade and old school egg cures that aren’t effective. During our short river salmon season having good cured eggs is the difference between success […]

Spring Wintry Conditions Extending Northern Michigan Steelhead Season

By: Kyle McClelland This winter and spring steelhead season was one sent down by the Steelhead Gods in Northern Michigan. Mild weather and rain spread throughout the season provided pushes of fish sporadically stretched from the fall until now. It wasn’t a record year for numbers, but there was always enough fish to keep anglers […]

Learn To Float Fish Steelhead Spawn For Great Lakes Spring Steelhead

By: Kyle McClelland As winter snow is replaced by spring rain and the sun shines longer anglers in the Great Lakes crave chasing chrome spring steelhead! Local tackle shops, guide services and chain and convenience stores thrive this time of year with anglers focused on favorable weather and steelhead. There are many productive ways to […]

Three Must Have Egg Tricks For Late Winter Steelhead

By: Brian Kelly With the winter doldrums slowly easing off expect mild weather to jumpstart those stale winter steelhead holdovers and attract fresh contestants as the spring run begins to take shape. Egg presentations have always been a staple among the hardcore steelheading contingency, but a few simple tweaks to your eggs can lead to […]

Learn To Fish Brined & Colored Minnows: For Trout & Steelhead

By: Kyle McClelland Similar to women steelhead and trout are indecisive. And, also like women, when you think you have them figured out their habits change, putting you in a humble state. This is why targeting winter steelhead and trout has become such a big passion of mine. Meanwhile, every avid steelheader knows how vital […]