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Kyle McClelland

20 02, 2019

Michigan Steelhead Report


By: Kyle McClelland Northern and Western Michigan offers exceptional steelhead fishing during the winter. However, this winter anglers have had to work harder than normal to catch steelhead throughout the region. Although the numbers have been down and anglers have been working harder to catch them, the size of the steelhead has been larger than [...]

Michigan Steelhead Report2019-02-20T15:07:15-07:00
20 09, 2018

Michigan Salmon Run Kicking into High Gear


By: Kyle McClelland This fall’s salmon run has been one of the largest I’ve seen in my lifetime. We’ve had good numbers and large salmon. On my boat we’ve caught three Chinook over 30 pounds this year and our run isn’t over yet. I anticipate the run continuing through the second week of October and [...]

Michigan Salmon Run Kicking into High Gear2018-09-20T18:26:35-07:00
21 08, 2018

Michigan Showing Off Excellent Salmon Bite


By: Kyle McClelland It’s been a great year for salmon on Lake Michigan. We’ve had good numbers and the size of the fish is the best I’ve seen in more than decade. All ports across the lake have been fishing excellent at times throughout spring and summer. The remainder of August should provide excellent fishing [...]

Michigan Showing Off Excellent Salmon Bite2018-08-21T14:37:42-07:00
16 08, 2018

Learn About Top Baits For August Great Lakes Salmon


By: Kyle McClelland When we first started trolling for salmon in the big lake in May, June and July we ran mostly spoons and flasher flies. However, as the mature kings start to stage in front of their home rivers it’s time to switch to a more aggressive presentation of meat rigs, plugs and big [...]

Learn About Top Baits For August Great Lakes Salmon2018-08-19T16:03:42-07:00
1 02, 2018

Learn to Tie Fire Balls Into Perfect Spawn Sacks


By: Kyle McClelland When it comes to winter steelhead fishing I believe color is the single largest determining factor in catching fish. It’s no coincidence that when we put on a fresh spawn bag that has vibrant color we often get bit right away. This is also why bead fishermen are successful. This is also [...]

Learn to Tie Fire Balls Into Perfect Spawn Sacks2018-04-18T18:56:35-07:00
25 01, 2018

Northern Michigan Steelhead Still Showing in the Cold


By: Chris Shaffer Northern Michigan offers good steelhead fishing. On the other hand, winter isn’t prime time. Still I requested guide Kyle McClelland of XXL Chrome Chasing to save three days in January to film Pautzke Outdoors in his backyard. He preferred to film in the spring when action was more consistent. Meanwhile, I wanted [...]

Northern Michigan Steelhead Still Showing in the Cold2018-04-18T18:56:35-07:00
22 01, 2018

Michigan’s Manistee River Producing Winter Steelhead


By: Kyle McClelland Some of our Northern Michigan steelhead rivers can be challenging to access during the winter due to snow, ice and closed roads. Fortunately, the Manistee River doesn’t carry these issues. The Manistee is the one system in the region you can always count on being fishable. It maintains a strong steelhead population [...]

Michigan’s Manistee River Producing Winter Steelhead2018-04-18T18:56:39-07:00
27 09, 2017

Learn to Cure Eggs for Great Lakes Salmon


By: Kyle McClelland Good bait is everything when targeting Great Lakes salmon. If you don’t have good bait the skein is going to fall apart after every cast and loses color fast. Quality bait is what puts my clients on constant action and is the difference between a good and poor day fishing. I go [...]

Learn to Cure Eggs for Great Lakes Salmon2018-04-18T18:57:14-07:00
14 09, 2017

Michigan Salmon Run Off to Great Start


By: Chris Shaffer Fall salmon fishing can be unpredictable in Michigan. Some years rain draws the fish into Lake Michigan tributaries in early September and others dry conditions could keep large numbers of fish from beginning their spawning migration until late in the month. This season has been abnormal. There were large numbers of salmon [...]

Michigan Salmon Run Off to Great Start2018-04-18T18:57:25-07:00
22 08, 2017

Michigan Shoreline Experiencing Epic Salmon Bite


By: Kyle McClelland This is the best salmon fishing season I’ve seen on Lake Michigan since I was born. Not only are there good numbers of salmon, but the fish are big. This season 20-30 pounders are common. We catch them every trip. We haven’t caught any bigger than 40 pounds, but some anglers have [...]

Michigan Shoreline Experiencing Epic Salmon Bite2018-04-18T18:57:41-07:00
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