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Hanford Reach Still Open to Salmon Fishing

By: Toby Wyatt While most of the Columbia River is closed to salmon fishing the Hanford Reach is still open and producing decent numbers of Chinook. In a normal year we have at least a two fish limit, but this year with low numbers of salmon returning we only have a one-fish limit. So far, […]

Anglers Working Harder For Hanford Reach Salmon

By: Toby Wyatt Considering they predicted one million salmon and we only got 500,000 across Bonneville the run wasn’t what we expected. It never reached potential. On the bright side, however, with the time we are putting in we are still catching fish daily. We haven’t had any days where we got skunked. Last year […]

Expect Fluctuating Water & Use Small Baits: For Hanford Reach Steelhead

By: TJ Hester A Reach is defined as a continuous extent of land or water, particularly a stretch of river between two bends. The 63 free-flowing miles of the Columbia River here in Eastern Washington, known as the Hanford Reach, is no exception and it’s one of my favorite places in the Northwest to steelhead fish. Meanwhile, […]

Hanford Reach Bite Continues to Impress

By: Brad Wagner Many people think that when Buoy 10 ends the masses stop fishing for Chinook. However, we’ve had great fishing further upstream on the Columbia for more than a month and action should remain status quo through late October with more and more fish coming in. The fishing is getting better and better […]

Eastern Washington’s Hanford Reach About to be Plugged With Salmon

By: Bruce Hewitt Fall upriver bright Chinook are headed to the Hanford Reach in a big way. Of more than 600,000 fall Chinook entering the Columbia River, far more than 200,000 are destined for the mid Columbia above McNary Dam. The Hanford Reach is expected to return 125,000 natural spawners in addition to big contributions […]