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The Alternative: Tipping Jigs With Uncured Shrimp

By: TJ Hester Bobber and jig is to steelheading like apple pie is to American culture. While other techniques have evolved and developed, so has perfecting the original. Last year I mentioned how I tip my jigs with Pautzke eggs as well as coon shrimp tails. That hasn’t changed. Meanwhile, I’ve learned other ways to […]

Expect Fluctuating Water & Use Small Baits: For Hanford Reach Steelhead

By: TJ Hester A Reach is defined as a continuous extent of land or water, particularly a stretch of river between two bends. The 63 free-flowing miles of the Columbia River here in Eastern Washington, known as the Hanford Reach, is no exception and it’s one of my favorite places in the Northwest to steelhead fish. Meanwhile, […]

Learn To Stuff Cured Tuna in Super Baits/Super Cut Plugs

By: TJ Hester Trolling herring for salmon is one of the oldest tricks in the book and also one of the most effective. While running straight herring is popular, and always will be, there are alternatives that are getting play, too. Personally, I run Brad’s Super Bait and Super Cut Plugs and have been doing […]