4 03, 2016

Tillamook Tributaries Set For Big Steelhead


By: Pat Abel This season our steelhead fishery has been impressive in the greater Tillamook area. It’s one better runs I’ve seen in at least five years. I think this is because we have water. The last few years we’ve had drier years and they’ve been difficult to fish. However, this year every time we [...]

Tillamook Tributaries Set For Big Steelhead2019-10-31T08:52:34-07:00
2 09, 2015

Buoy 10 Update: Columbia Flooded with Coho and Chinook


By: Pat Abel Things have been insane here at Buoy 10. Today we hooked more than 20 salmon, which has been the norm. There’s so many fish in this river it’s ridiculous. This place is way better than Alaska and anglers are coming in droves. They did an aerial survey the other day and found [...]