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Buoy 10

22 08, 2017

Buoy 10 King Run Peaking Now


By: Kyle Buschelman Experts anticipated an above average run at Buoy 10 this year and that’s meeting expectations. I think this year is a normal Buoy 10 year. It’s not super good and it’s not slow like last year when we struggled largely due to water challenges. The run is lining up the way it’s [...]

Buoy 10 King Run Peaking Now2018-04-18T18:57:41-07:00
20 08, 2017

Tips to Prepare Good Bait For Buoy 10


By: Kyle Buschelman Buoy 10 is in full swing and the kings are here. We are catching fish daily. On the other hand, consistently producing limits once or two a day (for a guide) everyday can be tough. One sure way to increase your odds is to have good bait. I’ve compiled a few tips [...]

Tips to Prepare Good Bait For Buoy 102018-04-18T18:57:43-07:00
7 08, 2017

The Best Brined Baits for Buoy 10


By Connor Taplin At Buoy 10 you are fishing rod tip to rod tip with others. There are 1,000 of rods in the water. You need to have the best bait for the salmon to pick you. Good bait consists of several things. I like good scale retention, which creates a good flash, good color [...]

The Best Brined Baits for Buoy 102018-04-18T18:57:48-07:00
25 08, 2016

Anglers Working Harder At Buoy 10 This Summer


By: Pat Abel They’ve predicted 940,000 Chinook down here at Buoy 10, but I’m not seeing it. Buoy 10 is tougher this year than it’s been, but I am getting fish daily and some dandies. On the other hand it hasn’t been easy like it’s been the past few years. I’ve had to work my [...]

Anglers Working Harder At Buoy 10 This Summer2018-04-18T19:00:25-07:00
2 08, 2016

Learn The Easiest Bait Brine for Buoy 10


By: Duane Inglin With the tools available to brine herring on the market today the process couldn’t be more simple, which means you have no excuse not to have good herring when down at Buoy 10. Having good herring spells the difference between success and failure. When you brine bait you create bait that’s durable [...]

Learn The Easiest Bait Brine for Buoy 102018-04-18T19:00:47-07:00
1 08, 2016

Seven Guide Tips For Buoy 10 Success


By: Kyle Bushelman August 1st is the opener for the famed Buoy 10 fishery and we are expecting a great return once again. With upwards of a million salmon returning August will prove to be exceptional. We all want to catch fish when down there. I’m going to share a few tips to hopefully make [...]

Seven Guide Tips For Buoy 10 Success2018-04-18T19:00:49-07:00
2 09, 2015

Buoy 10 Update: Columbia Flooded with Coho and Chinook


By: Pat Abel Things have been insane here at Buoy 10. Today we hooked more than 20 salmon, which has been the norm. There’s so many fish in this river it’s ridiculous. This place is way better than Alaska and anglers are coming in droves. They did an aerial survey the other day and found [...]

Buoy 10 Update: Columbia Flooded with Coho and Chinook2018-04-18T19:03:49-07:00
14 08, 2015

One Million King Salmon!!! Buoy 10 Is On Now!


By: Toby Wyatt All year we’ve been looking forward to more than one million king salmon returning to the Columbia River system this summer and fall. The experts also predicted 600,000 coho. Early signs are telling me these numbers are going to hold true. We’re catching a massive amount of kings and even coho right [...]

One Million King Salmon!!! Buoy 10 Is On Now!2018-04-18T19:04:06-07:00

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