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Guide Talks Borax Egg Cures For Fall Salmon

By: Alan Borges On many of the big river systems along the West Coast the water tends to be warmer than salmon prefer in late summer and early fall. Many of these systems harbor water warmer than 65 degrees, which is warm for salmon. This warmer water also affects cured roe and forces me to […]

Why Brining Bait Wraps Can Catch You More Salmon

By: Alan Borges We’ve had a lot of rain the last few weeks along the coast in the Pacific Northwest. When coastal rivers are dropping back in shape like they are doing now is when we use plugs the most. When using plugs wrapping them with sardines, tuna and other baits are imperative. The bait […]

Some Eureka Steelhead Rivers to Fish This Week

By: Alan Borges The month of January brought slow steelhead fishing to the greater Eureka area. The large rainfall totals blew our rivers out. We only got to fish two days the entire month. In fact, steelhead anglers in this area spent their time up north on the Smith and Chetco Rivers. Meanwhile, that’s normal […]

Late Klamath River Salmon Moving Through the Lower River Fast

By: Alan Borges Unlike the last few seasons this year’s salmon on the Klamath River aren’t holding up in pools. They are moving through the system fast. We are catching fish with sea lice 15 miles upriver. If fact, I caught my first fish with any color on it today. I think the water is […]

Learn to Fish Sacramento River Bows in Low Water

By Alan Borges Under normal conditions the fish on the Sacramento River are biters. They are easy to catch during the summer. On the other hand, with the drought we have now things are significantly different because the water is lower. The fish aren’t hanging on the edges like they are on a normal year […]