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New Mexico’s Eagle Nest Lake: Excellent for Ice Fishing

By: Joe Vallejos It’s already been a good ice fishing season on Northern New Mexico’s Eagle Nest Lake and the good news is that ice should remain at least into mid March. It’s been two weeks since I was able to fish the lake, but the ice is still over a foot thick and the […]

Tips to Catch More Ontario Lake Trout

By: Tom Armstrong Lake trout is my favourite species to target through the ice. In Thunder Bay I’m lucky enough to be surrounded by a multitude of ice angling opportunities for lake trout. Lake Superior offers excellent lake trout fishing as do many inland lakes. Lake Superior lake trout feed on smelt. Locally, and across […]

Catch Big Pike With Brined and Dyed Bait

By: Kim Anthony I just finished a seminar about brining and dying baits for ice fishing and tend to get the same question every time. I get asked the same question online, too. People often ask me why it’s so much better to have bait that’s brined and dyed verses using natural bait. People want […]

Try This Cure to Get Perfect Dark Red Eggs for River Salmon

By: Duane Inglin It’s almost fall in the Pacific Northwest and salmon have started entering rivers in effort to reach spawning grounds. Typically, once salmon reach our rivers they have mature eggs. Veteran egg curers know mature eggs can be loose in the skein. This is because the skin surrounding the eggs has started to […]

Try This Simple Cure To Get Great Eggs

By: Mike Ainsworth Fall is upon us and that means it’s time to start curing eggs for fall salmon and winter steelhead. While many factors lead to having quality eggs I believe anglers would have better eggs if they didn’t overlook the crucial care of eggs leading up to the curing process. To achieve a great cured […]

Use This Cure & Catch More Salmon River Salmon

By: Stephen Shen When fishing New York’s Salmon River with skein it’s important to have eggs that hold color in medium flows. Because we have such clear water we do like our eggs to milk, but visual appearance is more important than scent here. We aren’t trying to catch salmon in muddy or turbid water. […]

Have You Fished with the Ultimate Eggs? Try the Kitchen Sink 2.0

By: Big Dave Manners Crowds can be insane when salmon fishing and it’s only going to get worse. That’s why I go wild when curing eggs and make sure that my cured eggs stand out from the next guy’s. I’m a full time guide and my clients need to catch fish. A few years ago […]

Epic Bait Bite Underway For Great Lakes Salmon

By: Stephen Shen Another historic salmon season is underway in the Great Lakes where salmon fishing is incredible. Our fish (on Lake Ontario) are slightly smaller than last year. However, numbers are outstanding. At this time most active feeders are in water below 60 degrees. On the other hand, this will change as these salmon […]

Buoy 10 Update: Way Better Than Expected

By: Toby Wyatt After a dismal preseason forecast we’ve been pleasantly surprised at how good the fishing has been at Buoy 10. It’s way better than expected. Way better. In a normal year you don’t often experience a good Chinook and coho run. It’s usually one or the other. However, this season we’ve been catching […]