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Learn To Mix Orange & Natural For the Perfect Coastal Egg Cure

By: Rye Phillips Hardly anyone uses Orange BorX O Fire around here. Most people on the West Coast use Red, Pink or Natural BorX O Fire to cure eggs. However, in the last few years orange has become my go-to bait. To perfect that bait further I’ve become accustom to mixing the orange and the […]

Learn To Make Cheap, Scent Holding Rockfish Jigs

By Andy Martin Anyone who has spent much time fishing for rockfish on the West Coast between California and Alaska knows action can be fast and furious when you get into a big school of them. They also know you can lose a lot of gear, and the cost of rigging can take a big […]

The New Awesome Egg Cure That You’ve Never Tried

I’ve been curing eggs for roughly 30 years and I’ve changed the way I cure eggs an endless amount of times. Up until a few years ago I always used powder cures. Meanwhile, after playing with wet brines, like Fire Brine, my egg curing process has changed dramatically. This season, nevertheless, it changed a ton, […]

Puget Sound Expecting Big Push of More Pinks & Coho This Weekend

By: Mike Ainsworth While some of our North Puget Sound rivers are loaded with pink salmon right now large numbers of our migrating fish are starting to stage in The Sound to start making their runs in all the tributaries, including Lake Washington. Fish are waiting at the mouth and in the bays waiting for […]

Southern Oregon Coastal Salmon Eating Krill

By: Paul LeFebvre This year has been an extremely tough bite for offshore salmon anglers on the Southern Oregon Coast. Most believe that one of the best shrimping seasons in the last decade has the salmon gorging themselves in 300-400 feet of water and 12-15 miles off our coastline. While commercial boaters have been doing […]

Multiple Species Available on Southeast Wisconsin Shoreline

By Kyle Deavers I’ve been fishing daily on the west shore of Lake Michigan since April and fortunately the trolling bite has improved this year from last year. We’ve had a very good Coho bite because the bait is staying in Southeast Wisconsin. We have a very good lake trout population on this part of […]