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Award Winning Author Details His Uses For Pautzke Nectar

By Terry J. Wiest When it comes to egg fishing in rivers for fall salmon is there anything better than good, milking eggs and a series of plump, juicy eggs sitting clustered together on your hook? Particularly speaking, I like to see a gentle stream of goo released from each egg not only giving off […]

Which Cure Should You Use For Salmon: FireCure or BorX O Fire?

This time of year I spend a few days week salmon fishing for Chinook and coho. My favorite technquie for targeting fall salmon is with a float and eggs. There’s something about fishing cured salmon roe under a bobber that gets me excited. For decades I’ve found myself talking with other anglers about egg cures. […]

The New Awesome Egg Cure That You’ve Never Tried

I’ve been curing eggs for roughly 30 years and I’ve changed the way I cure eggs an endless amount of times. Up until a few years ago I always used powder cures. Meanwhile, after playing with wet brines, like Fire Brine, my egg curing process has changed dramatically. This season, nevertheless, it changed a ton, […]

Learn Proper Long Term Egg Storage: No Freezer Burn! No Dehydration!

By: Sam Baird With the abundant salmon runs that have invaded the Pacific Northwest this summer and fall many of us have been fortunate to stockpile fresh roe for future outings. Whether it was my Slammin’ Salmon Guide Service’s All Things Pautzke Egg Cure or one of the dozens of other FireBlogs! our pro staff […]

Middle Rogue Must: Spawn Sack for Salmon

By: Troy Whitaker Using spawns sacks when fishing bait this summer and fall has become imperative on the Middle Rogue River. It’s not that spawn sacks work better than globs of roe, however. The reason why we are using spawn sacks on the Rogue is we have a bad population of squawfish that seem even […]

Puget Sound Expecting Big Push of More Pinks & Coho This Weekend

By: Mike Ainsworth While some of our North Puget Sound rivers are loaded with pink salmon right now large numbers of our migrating fish are starting to stage in The Sound to start making their runs in all the tributaries, including Lake Washington. Fish are waiting at the mouth and in the bays waiting for […]

Learn How To Make Wraps For Your Salmon Plugs

By Luke Haman When running plugs you are going to catch more fish with scent regardless of where you are, be it in Alaska, the Northwest or Great Lakes. Adding scent to plugs is no secret. Anglers have been doing it for decades. I’m simply going to share what I’ve been doing the past 17 […]

Sacramento River Salmon Season Opens Saturday

By: Scott Feist The fate of the Sacramento River has been blown out of proportion. Yes, we are dealing with a drought and we don’t have any high releases, but it isn’t like you can walk across the Sacramento River. There’s a lot of water still coming down and one third of the river still […]

Learn Slammin Sam’s Secret All Inclusive Egg Cure

By: Sam Baird Having a great egg cure in the Pacific Northwest is vital from spring through fall when we are salmon fishing. I often get asked how I cure my fresh eggs depending on which run I’m fishing. People want to know if I cure my eggs differently for springers, summer salmon and fall […]

Sacramento River Trout Bite On Fire

By: Mike Bogue The drought hasn’t hurt our trout fishing on the Sacramento River. Sure, for this time of year the river is low, but it’s still moving at 7,000 per second, which is perfect for fishing. In fact, the low water has lent a hand to good fishing. I think what’s made it so […]