1 05, 2016

Learn to Make Your Own Cured Kokanee Corn


By: Sam Baird Recently, I wrote a blog on how to super charge Fire Corn to help catch more kokanee. However, I know many of you are purists and only want to cure your own corn, rather than using a pre-cured product. At times, prefer home-cured corn to tackle finicky kokanee. Fortunately, Pautzke produces product [...]

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23 03, 2016

Learn To Super Charge Corn & Catch More Kokanee


By: Sam Baird The beginning of spring tends to mark the start of kokanee season in the Northwest and California. This is a time to organize and restock our lures and dodgers. Kokanee anglers are gear junkies. We have an unlimited combination of squid, flies, spoons, blades and spinners along wit