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Learn to Make Your Own Cured Kokanee Corn

By: Sam Baird Recently, I wrote a blog on how to super charge Fire Corn to help catch more kokanee. However, I know many of you are purists and only want to cure your own corn, rather than using a pre-cured product. At times, prefer home-cured corn to tackle finicky kokanee. Fortunately, Pautzke produces product […]

Learn To Super Charge Corn & Catch More Kokanee

By: Sam Baird The beginning of spring tends to mark the start of kokanee season in the Northwest and California. This is a time to organize and restock our lures and dodgers. Kokanee anglers are gear junkies. We have an unlimited combination of squid, flies, spoons, blades and spinners along with every shape of dodger […]

Learn to Rejuvenate Freezer Burned Eggs with Nectar

By: Slammin Sam Baird Most of us have been in the situation before. After working hard and following steps to ensure you’re cured eggs will fish well your bounty of cured eggs are nestled away in the freezer awaiting their turn to be put to use. Your confident last year’s eggs are going to fish […]

Learn Proper Long Term Egg Storage: No Freezer Burn! No Dehydration!

By: Sam Baird With the abundant salmon runs that have invaded the Pacific Northwest this summer and fall many of us have been fortunate to stockpile fresh roe for future outings. Whether it was my Slammin’ Salmon Guide Service’s All Things Pautzke Egg Cure or one of the dozens of other FireBlogs! our pro staff […]

Learn Slammin Sam’s Secret All Inclusive Egg Cure

By: Sam Baird Having a great egg cure in the Pacific Northwest is vital from spring through fall when we are salmon fishing. I often get asked how I cure my fresh eggs depending on which run I’m fishing. People want to know if I cure my eggs differently for springers, summer salmon and fall […]