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21 08, 2018

Michigan Showing Off Excellent Salmon Bite


By: Kyle McClelland It’s been a great year for salmon on Lake Michigan. We’ve had good numbers and the size of the fish is the best I’ve seen in more than decade. All ports across the lake have been fishing excellent at times throughout spring and summer. The remainder of August should provide excellent fishing [...]

Michigan Showing Off Excellent Salmon Bite2018-08-21T14:37:42-07:00
16 08, 2018

Learn About Top Baits For August Great Lakes Salmon


By: Kyle McClelland When we first started trolling for salmon in the big lake in May, June and July we ran mostly spoons and flasher flies. However, as the mature kings start to stage in front of their home rivers it’s time to switch to a more aggressive presentation of meat rigs, plugs and big [...]

Learn About Top Baits For August Great Lakes Salmon2018-08-19T16:03:42-07:00
15 08, 2018

Salmon Bite Steady Out of Eureka


By: Gary Blasi It’s been a good year for salmon fishing on the Pacific Ocean in the KMZ (Klamath Management Zone). There haven’t been a lot of large, model salmon around, but we’ve caught large numbers of them. We’ve had constant action on undersize salmon, which means our future seasons should be excellent. This has [...]

Salmon Bite Steady Out of Eureka2018-08-15T20:16:33-07:00
8 08, 2018

Feather River Salmon: Already Better Than Expected


By: Chris Shaffer We had planned to film Pautzke Outdoors this week in Southern California’s Kern River Drainage until guide Scott Feist of Feisty Fish Guide Service called me Sunday night when I was in New Jersey and asked me to reroute to Northern California. After a meager and uneventful forecast, this year’s annually salmon [...]

Feather River Salmon: Already Better Than Expected2018-08-08T17:50:00-07:00
7 08, 2018

Rogue Bay Kicking Out Big Salmon & Big Numbers


By: Troy Whitaker We never know what to believe, but the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife is predicting that we were going to have the run of all runs on the Rogue. They say it’s going to be a spectacular year. Meanwhile, from what I’ve seen in July it is going to be a [...]

Rogue Bay Kicking Out Big Salmon & Big Numbers2018-08-07T18:39:08-07:00
2 08, 2018

Sacramento River Now Open For Salmon Fishing


By: Scott Feist The Sacramento River is going to be better than expected for salmon this year. It’s no secret what the ocean fleet has been doing for months out of the Golden Gate and the majority of those fish are current making their return to the Sacramento River. With a mixture of two-and-three years [...]

Sacramento River Now Open For Salmon Fishing2018-08-02T12:05:13-07:00
30 07, 2018

Anglers Running Herring For Great Lakes Salmon


By: Kyle Deavers Let’s be honest, five to eight years ago few anglers were running herring strips in the Great Lakes. Meanwhile, the last few years anglers have been running bait daily. A lot of tournament anglers run this meat to catch larger fish. And, the charters fleets and recreational boaters have followed suit. Running [...]

Anglers Running Herring For Great Lakes Salmon2018-07-30T13:55:21-07:00
27 07, 2018

Learn To Make The Perfect Bait For West Coast Salmon


By: Gary Blasi When targeting West Coast ocean, bay or estuary salmon brining them is mandatory. Without brining your bait it will fall apart. Brining is important because in order to properly troll the bait it must be kept firm. Bait in general is soft by nature. If you don’t firm the bait up (anchovies, [...]

Learn To Make The Perfect Bait For West Coast Salmon2018-07-27T08:47:20-07:00
23 07, 2018

Puget Sound Salmon: Showing in Big Numbers


By: Mike Ainsworth On the heels of several average years Puget Sound is having a phenomenal year of king and coho returns. There’s lots of fish around and a lot of opportunity. The resident coho have been larger than normal and there’s plenty of early ocean coho in the mix as well. We’ve also released [...]

Puget Sound Salmon: Showing in Big Numbers2018-07-23T19:10:49-07:00
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