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Tillamook Tributaries Set For Big Steelhead

By: Pat Abel This season our steelhead fishery has been impressive in the greater Tillamook area. It’s one better runs I’ve seen in at least five years. I think this is because we have water. The last few years we’ve had drier years and they’ve been difficult to fish. However, this year every time we […]

Oregon’s Umpqua River Producing Lots of Steelhead

By: Kyle Buschelman Following a dry spring and summer we’ve had a wet winter on the Central Oregon Coast which has pushed the Umpqua to levels higher than I’d like to fish. The rain has forced anglers to be flexible with which section of the Umpqua they fish. The downfall to the Umpqua is it […]

Oregon Coast Winter Lingcod Gaining Popularity

By Andy Martin While most Pacific Northwest anglers are focusing on steelhead during the winter months, more and more are discovering the thrill of catching shallow-water, light-tackle lingcod when there are breaks in the weather along the Oregon Coast. Unlike most areas, Oregon has a year-round lingcod and rockfish season. And some of the best […]

Tillamook Tidewater Still Boasting Salmon Action

By: Big Dave Manners The entire month of October tidewater salmon fishing in the Tillamook area was awesome because we didn’t have early rain this year. Therefore, the salmon stayed in the bay and tidewater rather than heading upriver to spawn. Had it rained, an increase in river levels would have drawn the salmon out […]

Learn To Cure Extra Sweet Salmon Eggs For Bobber & Back Bouncing

By: Andy Martin Floating a gob of roe below a bobber, or back-bouncing a tiny cluster of salmon eggs into a deep pool, are two of the most effective techniques for catching fall king salmon on the coastal rivers of Oregon, Washington and California. The key to successful bait fishing for kings is having good […]

Oregon’s Upper Rogue Summer Steelhead Bait Opener

By: Steven Theel For most Southern Oregon anglers November is a favorite time to chase fall kings on the Oregon Coast. However, I like to stay close to home in the Rogue Valley and target steelhead. For the last two months summer steelhead have seen nothing but flies on the Upper Rogue River near the […]

Peak Season on the Chetco: Home of Oregon’s Largest Salmon

By Andy Martin Tales of giant kings have long made Southern Oregon’s Chetco River a favorite of fall salmon anglers. Few rivers match the scenery, and quality of fish, found on the Chetco. Fish over 50 pounds are caught each year, although the vast majority of the salmon run 20 to 25 pounds. Fish over […]

Tillamook Bay Salmon: The Best Since The 80s?

By: Pat Abel Our Tillamook Bay fishery started two weeks earlier than normal and it’s the best I’ve seen since the 80s. I’m see high quality, large fish and lots of fish. What’s going on right now here on the Oregon Coast is epic. There’s so many salmon it’s crazy. What we are seeing now […]

Middle Rogue Salmon Showing on Fire Cure Sacks

By: Troy Whitaker While there’s a lot of summer steelhead in the Rogue our fall Chinook season is already going gangbusters. These salmon started coming into the Grant’s Pass area in August and we’ll have more fish enter the system daily through October, even though they close salmon fishing in this area at the end […]