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Mick Thomas

23 09, 2018

Klamath River Salmon Update


By: Mick Thomas The Klamath River is absolutely loaded with salmon right now. Unfortunately, we met the quota for adult Chinook September 12 and the Lower Klamath River is now open to possession of only jack salmon and hatchery steelhead. Meanwhile, it’s been a phenomenal run. It’s off the charts and there’s way more salmon [...]

Klamath River Salmon Update2018-09-23T16:49:15-07:00
17 07, 2018

Klamath River Estuary Fishing Well Now


By: Mick Thomas It’s been a long time since fishing was this good on the Klamath River. I’m surprised how good it is. The numbers of salmon we’ve seen in the last month on the Klamath Estuary exceed anything we’ve seen in the last 15 years, and it’s just starting. I don’t even remember catching [...]

Klamath River Estuary Fishing Well Now2018-07-17T10:44:18-07:00
29 01, 2018

Steelhead Finally Trickling In – Nor Cal’s Smith River


By: Mick Thomas Steelhead fishing on the Smith River is different every year. For some reason this year has been exceptionally slow to start. Fortunately, since getting bombarded with rain for the past two weeks things are starting to improve. While December and January was extremely slow the past week has proven that steelhead are [...]

Steelhead Finally Trickling In – Nor Cal’s Smith River2018-04-18T18:56:35-07:00
1 11, 2016

It’s Salmon Season On California’s Smith River


By: Mick Thomas There’s a lot of fish in the Smith River, but half of them have already come through the main stem. We’ve had some huge pushes of fish in the past few weeks. That first storm brought a massive number of fish in the system and then the second and third storm brought [...]

It’s Salmon Season On California’s Smith River2018-04-18T18:59:37-07:00
11 02, 2016

Big Steelhead Run Happening On Cali’s Smith River


By: Mick Thomas We’ve had more steelhead come through the Smith River than you could shake a stick at this year. In fact, we’ve had one of the largest runs I’ve seen in decades. But, this is fairly common on high water years like we are having this year. A lot of times in dry [...]

Big Steelhead Run Happening On Cali’s Smith River2018-04-18T19:02:45-07:00

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